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Comprehensive Vertigo Clinic

Specialised “Customized Vertigo Clinic with establishment of Vedionystagmography (VNG)” - the first of its kind in Navi Mumbai, providing evaluation and treatment for Vertigo and Balance disorders is set at Dr.Vaishali Sangole’s ENT Clinic in Kharghar.

About Dr. Vaishali Sangole :

Dr.Vaishali Sangole is a ENT Surgeon/Otoneurologist who did her Masters in Surgery ( ENT) in 2005, is a leading practicing Otoneurologist (speciality in Vertigo, Balance disorders and deafness). Presently an Associate Professor at MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai, she carries an experience in the speciality of Vertigo since the past 15 years. She was a Clinical Associate to Padmashree Dr.Miling Kirtane , well known as the father of Vertigo to the nation for gaining all the experience from.

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo by itself is not a disease. It is a symptom of an underlying pathology. It is a symptom like fever which has several different causes. Commonly diseases of the inner ear cause vertigo. These are usually not life threatening but are disabling. Central Nervous System related causes which are more serious are almost accompanied with other neurological symptoms like Imbalance, fainting and falling episodes.

What is Vedionystagmography (VNG) Test?

The first time a Vedionystagmography (VNG) pioneering test , which is used for evaluating Vertigo patients , is set in Navi Mumbai , - in collaboration with Equipage Health Pvt Ltd. and Cyclops Medtech Pvt Ltd. to bring state of the art VNG and Fundoscopy services for comprehensive balance assessment platform ,to carry out different test protocols to evaluate Vertigo patients. Over 700 VNGs have been done in a short span, with Biomedical Engineer’s with Master’s degree from UK, which is a remarkable achievement to Navi Mumbai.

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