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Throat Treatments

For the last 5 years Dr. Vaishali sangole's ENT Clinic has been synonyms with the state of art in ENT services at Kharghar. The Ontology Service offers evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation for the complete range of problems and disorders of the Throat.

OPD Services
Examination of Throat Cough
Cervical lymphadenopathy Speech disorders
Acute and Chronic Tonsillitis Ulcers and patches in oral cavity
GERD Difficulty in swallowing
Disorders of voice (Hoarseness) Foreign body in Throat
Vocal nodule Respiratory Obstruction-Stridor
Vocal cord palsy Salivary gland/Parotid tumors


Cancer diagnosis( Tumour)

Procedures/ Surgeries

Removal of foreign bodies (Fish bone/Tonsilloliths)
Excision of lymph nodes/cysts
Microlaryngeal surgery
Head and Neck surgery
Thyroid surgery

Disorders of the Throat

  • THROAT – Cervical Lymphadenopathy

    Acute bacterial lymph node inflammation. Acute lymphatic leukemia Acute infectious mononucleosis – Epstein Barr Virus read more

  • THROAT – Tonsillitis

    Infection of the tonsils is one of the most common pathologies in the oral cavity. read more

  • THROAT – Hoarseness

    It is a breathy and harsh voice resulting due to an abnormality in the larynx. read more

  • THROAT – Stridor

    Stridor is the noisy respiration due to obstruction of the air in and out of the lower respiratory tract. read more

  • THROAT – Vocal Nodules

    Vocal nodules occur due to overtaxing and incorrect use of the voice. read more

  • THROAT – Vocal Cord Palsy

    Vocal cord palsy commonly gives a rough or husky voice. The Voicebox has 2 vocal cords. read more

  • THROAT – Leukoplakia

    White patch or plaque of squamous epithelium that cannot be characterized clinically or pathologically as any other disease. read more

  • THROAT – Dysphagia

    Local causes in the alimentary canal Local causes outside alimentary canal Distant causes. read more

  • THROAT – Foreign Body Oesophagus

    Tonsil: Usually sharp fish bones, needles etc The base of tongue: Fishbone or a needles Pyriform fossa: Fishbone, chicken bone, needle or dentures are commonly seen Esophagus: Coins, a piece of meat, chicken, bone, denture, safety pin, marble. read more

  • THROAT – Parotid Tumours

    The Parotid gland is the salivary gland which is situated laterally near the mandible. read more


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