Nose Treatment

Nose Treatments

For the last 5 years Dr. Vaishali sangole's ENT Clinic has been synonyms with the state of art in ENT services at Kharghar. The Ontology Service offers evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation for the complete range of problems and disorders of the Nose.

OPD Services
Nose examination Deviated nasal septum
Diagnostic Nasal Endoscopy Nasal Polyps
Allergic Rhinitis Antrochoanal nasal polyp
Foreign body in Nose Sinusitis
Nasal bleeding-Epistaxis Nasal Masses


Allergic Rhinitis Headache of Sinusitis Origin

Procedures/ Surgeries

Submucous Resection
Submucous Diathermy
Removal of FB
Antral Puncture
Caldwell luck

Disorders of the Nose

  • NOSE – Allergic Rhinitis

    Allergic Rhinitis is an IgE mediated hypersensitivity disease of the nasal mucous membrane. read more

  • NOSE – Foreign Body Nose

    Foreign body in the nose can present acutely, sub-acutely or many years later in adulthood. read more

  • NOSE – Deviated Nasal Septum

    It is the deviation of the nasal bone dividing the nose into two nostrils to one side. read more

  • NOSE – Epistaxis

    Epistaxis is bleeding from the nose most commonly arising from the Little’s area of the nose. read more

  • NOSE – Nasal Bone Fracture

    Fracture of the nose is the commonest fracture in humans.It commonly occurs in accidents, sports injuries etc. read more

  • NOSE – Antrochoanal Polyp

    An antrochoanal nasal polyp is a prolapsed, pedunculated, painless, pearly white oedematous nasal mucosa. read more

  • NOSE – Ethmoidal Polyps

    Ethmoidal polyps are multiple, bilateral, painless, pearly white, grape-like masses arising from the ethmoidal air cells. read more

  • NOSE – Sinusitis

    The maxillary sinuses on the face are the most commonly affected sinuses. read more


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