NOSE – Nasal Bone Fracture


Fracture of the nose is the commonest fracture in humans.It commonly occurs in accidents, sports injuries etc. Fracture of nasal bones is more common in Caucasians than Asians or Africans.

Causes of fracture of nasal bones:

Usually, low-velocity trauma to the nose is the common cause. This may result from:

●   Personal assault

●   Sports injuries

●   Road traffic accidents

●   Personal accidents

What are the different types of fracture of nasal bones?

Types of fracture:

Class I Blow of severity due to frontal or frontolateral trauma. There is a breach in the quadrilateral cartilage with depression or displacement of distal part of the nasal bone. Class II: Medium velocity lateral trauma. There is a breach in the root of the nasal bone and the maxillary process of frontal bone. The ethmoid labyrinth is intact. Class III: High-velocity trauma. Fracture extends to the ethmoid labyrinth. The patient has pig-like appearance. Injury to lacrimal sac and nasolacrimal duct may be present.

What are the complications of fracture of nasal bones?

●   Deviated nasal septum

●   Saddling of the nose

●   Bleeding

●   Cerebrospinal fluid leak

●   Orbital complications